Commercial Services

Great Outdoors offers a wide variety of commercial services. We work closely with condominium boards, property managers, engineers, and business owners. We provide a large range of services both indoors and outdoors. We perform all kinds of repairs, as well as manage large projects.

Here are a few examples of commercial work we perform :

  • Concrete precast step repairs/replacements

  • Concrete or wood bollard repairs/replacements

  • Concrete and asphalt repairs

  • Sonotube installation/replacement

  • Parking lot repairs/replacements

  • Catch basin and manhole repairs/adjustments/replacements

  • Siding and roofing repairs

  • Excavation

  • Block wall repairs/alterations

  • Structural repairs

  • Exterior wall coatings

  • Drywall repairs/installation

  • Sound and fire barriers

  • Fire sprinkler system installation

  • Gas and electric retrofit

  • Plumbing projects

  • Public pool repairs/alterations

  • Moisture mapping

  • Building diagnostics

  • Air quality assessment/repairs

A member of our team will be happy to meet with you and discuss any work or project you may have now, or in the future. We can also provide pricing for tendered and contract work.