To Great Outdoors, I would like to express my satisfaction by sending this message. My foundation had 2 cracks and leaking in the basement after the earthquake last summer. I had a few estimates done by different companies. Some estimates were a lot more than the one Mr. Guindon gave me with possibilities of additional cost after digging was done. Mr. Guindon gave me an estimate at a very reasonable price and with his professional approach, I was feeling very comfortable giving him the contract. The work was done and finished sooner than scheduled and when the crew left, you could not tell a major foundation repair had been done to the house. The crew was very polite and assuring me the work progress was going well, answering all my questions and concerns about the work being done. After all this, no additional cost for the repairs, the cost was the same as the estimate. I appreciate the work that was done by Great Outdoors and would recomment strongly this company for work to be done on your house.

Again, thank you Richard.

-M. Maisonneuve (Orleans, ON)

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We are very pleased to provide Great Outdoors the following testimonial for the excellent work that you have so diligently performed for us between the Fall of 2009 and December of 2010. I am writing you this detailed letter because we believe that more should be done to make people aware that quality makes a difference and ultimately provides better value and savings for the owner.

After 20 years since last building our house, the paving and landscaping was in much need of renewal. There were three main components of the work as follows :

1) Rear yard, the installation of completely new hard and soft landscaping as well as work related to the installation of an in-ground swimming pool (the pool contract was by others).

2) 100 linear feet of new wood fence

3) The front porch, sidewalk to the back of the house, driveway and soft landscaping.

The total cost of the work was over $80,000, however we truly believe that the value of your services greatly exceeded this and we are very grateful.

You will recall that our project started with the near fiasco caused by our seperate pool installer for whom we had received an incorrect reference from the US based manufacturer. Were it not for your ability and experience to step in with the appropriate crews and equipment to take charge of the situation, I am convinced the outcome would have been very costly for us. There were many challenges to surmount, we appreciated your timely advice and recommendations on how best to proceed.

We would like to commend you and your team for maintaining your focus on our needs and the general attention to details, for being flexible and reasonable with changes in the scope of work, for the overall care and quality with which you conduct your work. Your employees behaved properly and with respect at all times, the site was kept in order and the roadway was cleaned at the end of each working day.

We would also like to convey our special thanks to Mr. Rene Lalonde for his role in managing and coordinating a good portion of the work.

-Claudio & Brigitte Brun del Re (Orleans, ON)

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I have no hesitation in recommending Great Outdoors to deal with foundation problems and mold. Through an expert in mold remediation we contacted Rich and his crew to deal with our problems. First there was the repairs to the foundation walls. Because of cracks, moisture seeped in and caused mold in the basement. Air samples were taken to learn the types and amounts of mold. Air samples were taken again after all work was completed to determine that it was successful, and it was. They had the knowledge and equipment for the job, taking photos of what they found wrong and what they did to fix it. In the basement where mold existed they sealed off the area from the rest of the house and removed all of the contaminated material. Wherever they saw a problem they fixed it. It was evident that they had the training and equipment to deal with mold remediation. The great thing about Rich and his crew was that they could do it all and do it very well.

-Mr. & Mrs. Kelly (Wendover, ON)

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We first asked Rick of Great Outdoors to help us beautify and solidify the front approach to our house in the Spring of 2006, and to replace our driveway in 2007. The two words that best describe our experience with this company are ‘professional’ and ‘personable’. We were very impressed with Rick’s work ethic, vision and promptness in sending estimates.

Not only is Rick a good listener but he takes the time to accompany the client in choosing of materials and in finding new ways to make the work look special and last longer. If not for Rick, there wouldn’t be a beautiful rock that sits perfectly amidst the interlock on the way up to the front door. If not for Rick, our driveway would not look as good as new, not last as long because he took the time to make sure the paving was well poured.

We have no doubt that the work is properly done, adheres to building codes, and is finished, with clean-up, on time. The people who work with Great Outdoors were also very professional, dependable and knowledgeable.

We are more than satisfied with the work done to help our house’s curb appeal. We still receive compliments and would recommend Rick’s company to anyone who is looking for a positive experience to improve their abodes.

-Marcel & Anne Chiasson (Orleans, ON)

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This August 2012, we decided to get our driveway done after we had completed a major rebuild of our house. Normally, we get at least 3 different quotes for a job, however our designer recommended we use Great Outdoors for our driveway project. Our designer had never let us down, so we decided to go ahead with a quote.

A few days later, Rick arrived at our door and we went through the scope of the project with him. Rick was very polite, listened well, and gave good advice. As soon as he sent the quote we decided to proceed with the project based on the price and our designer’s recommendation.

Rick’s team was professional, polite, worked hard and worked smart. They were efficient and thorough in the preparation for the driveway. Rene worked diligently to ensure that the drainage would be perfect and that the pavers would align perfectly.

We now have a beautiful driveway that causes people to stop and tell us how beautiful it is!

I would recommend Rick’s company Great Outdoors Ent. for your driveway projects. You will have a quality driveway done for a fair price.

-Andrew Cumberland (Ottawa, ON)

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Rick : Just a personnal “THANK YOU and the Great Outdoors team” on behalf of myself and my wife, for the great work completed in correcting the concerns of the window well at our home. Many thanks.

-Ted Williamson Sr. (Nepean, ON)

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Rene, I would like to thank you and the members of your team for the excellent work that you did

repairing the foundation on my garage and reinstalling two interlocking brick sidewalks.

It was as though all of you were working on your own property. One does not see this attitude very often. Congratulations to you and the other members of your management team in the selection of your work force.

-Sig Sigurdson (Orleans, ON)

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Recently with all the flooding (rain/snowmelt) in the Ottawa area I experienced some water issues in my basement and had to engage the services of Great Outdoors.

They (Richard Guindon/Rene Lalonde) responded to my call the same day and assessed the issue in my basement.

They recommended the installation of a sump pump to alleviate/eliminate the water seeping into my basement.

They had a crew at my place 2 days after (just in time for the next major rain fall) and had the sump pump installed the same day (which so far seems to have worked).

They and the crew doing the installation were all very professional and courteous and I would highly recommend them (Great Outdoors).

-John Diguer (Ottawa, ON — Spring 2019)